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 Onsite Sludge and Wastewater Solution




USA Sludge uses highly efficient and unique systems with low energy cost.  An innovative hi tech onsite sludge and wastewater  treatment technology and solution is now available to solve the complex problems in our current sludge and wastewater manufacturing industries.

These systems use a low maintenance dewatering screw press and advanced patented triple fin regenerative cycle, thermal low temperature dehydration and dehumidification heat pump.  USA Sludge systems meet and exceed the EPA 503 Regulations for treating sludge and wastewater to Class A bio-solids.

Wastewater sludge is dried to a solid, creating a small dried pellet as the end product that is sold as a viable commodity and used for beneficial reuse.  All captured reclaimed water can be used for irrigation, commercial and industrial water needs.


Sludge and Wastewater Industries  

 Dewatering and Drying


In the areas of hi tech agriculture: creamery and dairy farms including drying milk sludge, poultry, cattle and hog sludge, canneries and food processing also brewery and winery wastewater sludge, meeting State and Federal regulations, certifying the end product meets and exceeds regulations while reducing and lowering the high overhead expenses of hauling and transporting, emissions odor control and labor costs.


Your Sludge Solution   


We have the unique advantage of being able to offer an entire onsite sludge and wastewater solution to your industry.  USA Sludge treatment systems are designed so your expenses for sludge dewatering, drying and disposal are met without a large capital expenditure. We work with your sludge disposal budget and unlike most sludge companies we can test and certify the end product to make sure it adheres to any and all State and Federal regulations.

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