Biomass Dryers

Low Temperature


A Sustainable All In One System & Solution


We specialize in low temperature biomass dryers that can operate at ambient air temperatures and also have the ability to operate at higher temperatures using heat exchangers to transport hot air with low air speed throughout the system, creating less dust.  Biomass is spread evenly over the conveyor belt and is capable of being dried with 70% moisture down to 30% moisture, at a temperature of 194 degrees Fahrenheit, by utilizing the waste heat.

Efficient Air Flow Movement  


Our biomass dryers pull air through the plant material that has been placed on perforated plates, leading to efficient contact between material and dry air, this ensures an efficient drying process.  Evaporation of moisture leads to a reduction in volume of the drying material. The amount of dry matter in the substance will, for instance, rise from 35% to 60%. 

Automatic Control System


Using low temperatures to dry the biomass lowers volatile combustion levels of organic compound emissions and creates a safer work space.  The control system is easy to operate, monitoring ventilators and controls moisture accordingly, with incoming and outgoing air temperatures, drying belt speed, pumps and other data critical to effective and efficient biomass drying.

Renewable Energy


Energy sources for low temperature biomass dryers help in reducing the carbon footprint and include burning biomass or wood chips, use of natural gas, synthetic gas and or solar thermal to fuel the dryers responsibly, this dramatically lowers operating costs.


Benefits of Biomass Drying Equipment


  • Capturing waste heat
  • Improved efficiency in biomass drying
  • Low volatile organic emissions
  • Reduced utility costs
  • In some cases it can be used as compost and sold for reuse`
  • Trucking and landfill fees are greatly reduced
  • Lower labor costs

Sludge Quips

 "Sludge in a Bag"
 "Sludge in a Bag"
“In and out … Sludge”
“In and out … Sludge”
 "Wet, Hot Sludge ... Dry it"
 "Wet, Hot Sludge ... Dry it"
 “Odor Free Sludge … order it here!”
 “Odor Free Sludge … order it here!”
"Coffee and The Sludge Report"
"Coffee and The Sludge Report"