Low Temperature Sludge Dryers 


 Dehydration and Dehumidification Heat Pump Technology   



USA Sludge is devoted to the research and development of wastewater heat pump sludge dryers. With its state of the art technology, these are the most advanced sludge drying machines in the world.

Through implementing a fin type regenerative cycle, combined with a double and triple effect heat pump cycling that works with controlling air humidity and moisture.  The pump motor has a frequency converter that allows for a variable range in regulating the drying process of wastewater and sludge.  This brings down the moisture level by using an independent air system that allows for quick dehydration of sludge while shortening the drying time. This dramatically lowers the cost of sludge drying by reusing the heat that would normally be discarded in the traditional sludge dryers and systems.

Our High-Tech dewatering and low temperature sludge dryers with advanced dehumidification heat pump technology have the ability to process stabilized sludge at 1% solids and dry to 90% solids, in one slow moving energy efficient process.   Creating a soil amendment, by controlling time and temperature. The bio-solids now have a small foot print compared to traditional dewatering and sludge drying equipment.  This system meets and exceeds the EPA 503 Regulations.

This advanced dehumidification heat pump is simple to operate and effectively treats many different kinds of sludge.   Our low temperature sludge dryers require no odor control equipment or any emissions permits.

 Conserving Our Energy Resources ~ Eco Friendly Benefits


Our sludge dryers use advanced heat pump technology and a closed cabinet drying system. This machine recycles the waste heat generated in the drying system which increases the efficiency and lowers the energy needed to dry sludge.

The insulated closed cabinet low temperature dryer operates at a temperature of  between 120 – 185 fahrenheit.  With this slow moving unique design of the unit, there are no spills and no odor control needed.

The moisture trapped inside the cabinet is moved through a heat exchanger where the air is condensed to water.  This condensate water can then be used as reclaimed water to be used for irrigation and other purposes

Using advanced dehumidification heat pump technology, the sludge dryers, require minimal land space and is a sustainable energy efficient sludge solution for all urban and rural industries and municipalities.


A Safe and Closed System


Low temperature drying in the range of 120 – 185 fahrenheit dries all types of sludge including industrial farm sludge, wastewater from municipalities, paper pulp industry, food crops and the petrochemical industry.

This system creates a low oxygen, dust concentration and granule temperature levels through its drying process.

The sludge is placed in an immobile state for dehydration. There is no sticking or clogging phases in the sludge drying process, as dried sludge is granular with no dust.




Our low temperature sludge dryers meet  and exceed the  EPA  CLass A  503 rules for time and temperature.  The end product can be bagged or sold per the EPA 503 rule.



The “All In One Unit” Dewatering and Drying System

This all in one high tech dewatering and drying system, stabilizes the process of sludge drying, treating wastewater and sludge to create the bio-solids that are bagged and then used as a bio-solids Class A fertilizer.

Efficient Sludge Dryers


The efficient low temperature sludge dryers and dehumidification heat pump technology takes wet sludge, dehydrating and dehumidifying the moisture from 90% down to 10% moisture without using other expensive equipment.

When used in food drying and preservation, the low heat dehydration process protects food from losing nutrients.

Sludge volume can be reduced up to 67% and the weight can be reduced up to 80% saving money in transportation costs.

The closed cabinet system works the same in all weather patterns as wastewater and sludge treatment is not affected by different climates and temperatures,


Automatic and Computerized


Uses a programmable controller (PLC) and touch screen with centralized control, as well as remote control and is able to adapt to many different setups and operations.

The percent of solids of final sludge can be easily adjusted from 60% – 90%.




The container is made of anti-corrosive stainless steel, the heat exchanger is electroplated and has an anti-corrosive surface that extends its life span.

Using a modular design and structure, the sludge dryers allow the drying process to be highly efficient.

Installation can be indoors or out and the setup is quick.

Construction or infrastructure is minimal.


Labor costs are reduced.

Sludge Dryers ~ Slitting the sludge on mesh belt

Sludge Quips

 "Sludge in a Bag"
 "Sludge in a Bag"
“In and out … Sludge”
“In and out … Sludge”
 "Wet, Hot Sludge ... Dry it"
 "Wet, Hot Sludge ... Dry it"
 “Odor Free Sludge … order it here!”
 “Odor Free Sludge … order it here!”
"Coffee and The Sludge Report"
"Coffee and The Sludge Report"