Sludge and Bio-solids Testing 

EPA Quality Requirements

Sludge and bio-solids testing ensure that when properly treated and processed, sludge becomes bio-solids which are nutrient-rich organic materials produced from wastewater and sludge industries.  Bio-solids can be recycled and applied as a slow release fertilizer, improving and maintaining productive soils while stimulating plant growth without burning the root.  An effective sludge and bio-solids testing and management program ensures that useful materials are recycled back into the environment while harmful materials are removed from the bio-solids before going back to the land.


Class A Bio-solids


Bio-solids containing insignificant levels of viruses, bacteria, pathogens and heavy metals that meet strict vector attraction reduction requirements. Class A bio-solids are treated and the bio-solids are of a quality that the EPA has ruled safe for recycling back into the environment when applied according to the EPA.


Class B Bio-solids


Bio-solids that have been treated, but still contain detected levels of viruses, bacteria and pathogens. There are restrictions for use of all Class B bio-solids.


Testing Sludge and Bio-solids


Testing Sludge and bio-solids  ~ samples received by us can be tested for Enteric Virus using the ASTM-D4994-89 method to verify EPA Class A and Class B Classifications and to measure log10 Reductions of Virus Count using Cell Culture and Plaque Assays. The samples can also be tested for Viable Ascaris – Viable Helminth Ova using the ASTM-D-19:24.3 method. These testing procedures are approved by the EPA and ASTM.

Bio-solids testing samples are received and processed 24 hours a day – 7 days a week (including Sundays and holidays) with a turnaround period of 14-21 days.

We work with all types of sludge and facilities, including wastewater treatments, industrial farm sludge, and feed waste, and other industries producing sludge, bio-solids reuse organizations, wastewater treatment technology firms, private laboratories and research / academic institutions.


  Testing Sludge and Bio-solids ~ Sample Prices     


Enteric Virus Testing – ASTM D4994-89 $625.00 each sample
Viable Helminth Ova* – EPA/600/1-87-014 $295.00 each sample

*Discount available for an annual commitment to provide monthly testing.

Sterile bottles can be provided, upon request, for samples.

Monthly sample testing can be included with services provided through our sludge and bio-solids treatment and management program, the onsite solution for treating sludge to an EPA Class A level.

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Sludge Quips

"Don't give me that line of sludge"
"Don't give me that line of sludge"
"He doesn't know sludge from shinoloa"
"He doesn't know sludge from shinoloa"
"Up sludge creek without a paddle"
"Up sludge creek without a paddle"
"Sludge"  We can dry that!
"Sludge"  We can dry that!
 “Shirley, it must be sludge!”
 “Shirley, it must be sludge!”